Adam B.

Adam is the co-founder of Vital Massage London.Have you ever been really passionate about something? Well, Adam has loved doing sports, ever since he was a child! Being active was always an important part of his lifestyle. He has received his first massage therapy as a teenager, thus realising at an early age, how beneficial massages can be for an active lifestyle, as well as the physical and mental performance of an individual.This was the reason why he started to pay attention to how the massage therapist was doing his/her job. After learning some techniques, Adam started to practice massage therapy on his friends.


He has also been teaching and coaching swimming to all ages and abilities for over 5 years now, so one of the reasons he has decided to establish Vital massage London is that he has seen people struggling with pain everyday and he wanted to do something more for them.

Adam’s domain of expertise, when it comes to massage therapy, are the following: swedish massage, sports massage, Indian head massage, Thai hand and foot massage.


Adam’s hobbies are: swimming, tennis, running, cycling, kickboxing, table tennis, travelling, cooking and of course ‘revitalising’ others :)