Benefits of hiring massage therapists at the office

Benefits of hiring massage therapists at the office

Many times, work may end up being overwhelming and one may easily get sick or even get fatigued which may then lead to them not being able to do their work as effectively as they would have wanted to. This then makes them lose out on their working hours and makes the company lose out on making money and time as well. Rest is a good thing as it helps the body reboot and be able to work effectively. Some benefits of giving massages at the office may include:


Happy new Year - Mobile massage services

Mobile spas have been able to grow in terms of popularity due to the fact that they are normally very flexible, convenient and versatile. A massage should always at all times be very convenient and relaxing and this is what mobile spas actually offer to their clients. Whether one is need of a massage at the offices or even in the living room, or even during an event, the mobile massage spa is able to easily provide these services to an individual at very affordable prices.


Massage therapy goes beyond having a luxurious experience

What You Need to Know About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy goes beyond having a luxurious experience. Studies have shown that massage therapy has numerous benefits that extend beyond relieving sore muscles. According to the National Holistic Institute, Approximately 42% Americans undergo massage therapy for Injury Recovery, Migraine control, and generally to improve one's well-being.


Thai hand and foot massage – because ancient medicine is still in vogue

Thai hand and foot massage, also called Ancient Thai massage, is one of the oldest massage types there is. It has presumably originated 2500 years ago in Thailand. Just like many practices in traditional medicine, Thai hand and foot massage was passed on from parent to child, or from teacher to student.


2017 – The year of fighting stress with relaxation

The holidays are over and everything's back to its normal ways. People have started their normal working schedule and the stress of the everyday routine has also settled in again. However, things can change this year. You could dedicate more time to relaxation and having some time for yourselves. How? Well, of course there’s exercising, taking walks, spending more time doing what you love and you could also start having regular massage sessions.

Here are a few recommendations:


Sports massage therapy (SMT) – for athletes and not only!

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says ‘sports massage’ is usually that it is for those who do sports. While this is certainly true, other people can also take advantage of sports massage. Here are the basic and most important things to know about this type of massage therapy.


What is sports massage?


The gift of ‘relaxation’

December has just started, but many people are already looking for the perfect Christmas gifts. If we are completely honest, we have to admit, that although giving and receiving gifts is wonderful, the Christmas shopping can be exhausting for everyone.

Trying to make sure to get everybody what they need and like can be a real challenge. This sometimes doesn’t work out as planned and people are left with a strange and uncomfortable feeling, that their presents did not serve the purpose they were supposed to.


What is there to know about Swedish massage?

Whether you are a regular, or it’s your first time getting a Swedish full-body massage, there are a few things you should know about this type of massage therapy.


What is it?

As one of the best known massage therapies, Swedish massage is widely recognized and chosen by the majority of people requiring a massage session. Why is that? Because Swedish massage is one of the most comprehensive ways of relaxing the whole body, as well as the mind.


The ‘vital’ factor in our services - Why are massages so vital?

“Mens sana in corpore sano” - “A healthy mind in a healthy body”

How many times have you heard this saying and thought: ‘yes, that must be true’?

You may not realise it, if you haven’t had a massage session yet, but massages are one of the best ways of relaxation. Besides being a professional massage therapist, I’m also a professional swimming instructor, so I know how important a massage can be, not only from a physical point of view, but from a mental one as well.