Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of a massage therapy?

Massage therapies have many benefits. The most important one is the feeling of relaxation, calmness and being healthy. After a massage, people will feel revitalised physically, as well as mentally. If you are stressed out, or you have a certain type of pain or tension, that can be relieved with a massage, you should definitely try it.


How long does a session of swedish massage last?

A swedish full body massage usually last for one hour. However, this also depends on the requirements of the clients. For e.g. if they only have 30 minutes free, then we can offer them a partial massage session, or another type of massage.


What are the costs of your massage therapies?

The costs of a massage therapy vary depending on many factors. For example, it depends on whether or not you need mobile massage services. The type of the massage therapy, as well as the date and time that you would like to have the massage done are also relevant factors.

I’m not sure which type of massage should I choose. Can you help?

Certainly! Based on why you have chosen to get a massage, as well as other factors and information, we will recommend the type of massage that best suits your needs.


Can you come to me, if for some reason, I can’t go to your company’s location?

Yes! This is why we offer mobile massage services. If you are in the South West area of London, we will go to your location. Regardless if you are at home or at your workplace, we will deliver our services to you.


How often should a person get a massage therapy?

This differs for each person. Most importantly, we have to determine the goal of the massage therapy: Is it for general health and relaxation, stress management, pain reduction or something else? Depending on the issues that a client wishes to resolve with the massage therapy, we will determine a schedule, which works best for catering to the individual needs of each client.